"Arya is doing so well.  She sleeps through the night already… She is so smart,  I can't even believe how fast she picks up on things. She is perfect, and  goes beyond all expectations I had. I also got the puppy packet.  Thank you so  much. The stuff in there will really help I think. Thanks!

3-week update: Arya is doing incredible. She is completely house trained and has been for a couple weeks now. She is getting along great with other dogs, and still loves people as much as she did when I first got her. I haven't introduced her to a single person that hasn't said "That is the cutest  puppy I have ever seen." So pretty much, you have given me the  perfect dog. Honestly, I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks again!"

John, Utah  



 "We  wanted to shoot you an update of our puppy King. He is doing great, and  he is absolutely the sweetest with our other puppy Rottweiler. I cannot  tell you how pleased we are with him. He is exactly what we had been  looking for. His strength, personality, looks and build are perfect!  Thank you again for all of your help. I really feel that you went above  and beyond helping us to prepare and also finding a way to get him to us  when it seemed impossible.

 Thanks again!"

Tori and Aaron, Texas 



 "Winston  is doing great. He's the best tempered puppy we've ever had. House  trained in two days. Only one issue of chewing on a wall and never on  furniture.

 He's getting along great with the older brothers, a German Shepherd and  Westie. I took him to the vet today for boosters and a rabies shot and  he's 59 pounds and still has his puppy teeth. The vet assures me he'll  be huge.

 Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know how one of your babies is getting along."

Ray & Debbie, Texas 



 "Hi,  hope you are well, our puppy Sarah is doing great. She and Julie are  getting on very well. Now we have two ridgebacks ruling the house!! Thanks again for everything!"

Leani, Canada 



 "The baby is doing great, and everyone loves him. He's such a good, smart little dog. The puppy loves our older dog--the older dog is tolerating the pup. And we think we've settled on the name Hubbard. Thanks for everything!"

Therese, Texas 



 "Hope  you are staying warm in your part of TX! Thought you would enjoy this  picture. Olive is loving life & we are loving her!
Thanks again~

Sidney, Texas 



 "Hey  there,  Rangi (formerly Jackson or Black collar) is doing fabulous. He is now 28lbs and  just runs crazy with his sister Kali (anatolian) and his cousin down  the street Bailey the chocolate lab. He has quite a voice on him and  took his first swim by jumping off the gangplank of our dock this  weekend. Pretty funny. Pics to come...

Update:  He is awesome and growing like a weed. Every time we get a rib or two  covered, he gets longer and taller. Just a gem of a puppy. He is almost  40lbs and very muscular.”

Nicole, Virginia 



 "The puppy is doing great.  We have named her Coco.  She is eating well and is already doing pretty  well on the housebreaking.  She and our Lab really like having each other as playmates and pillows.   They cuddle together when they nap, which is very sweet.  She went to the vet today and had her puppy  shot.  The vet thought she was doing great and had no concerns.  She has started weekly puppy  training classes today as well.  We are really enjoying her and think she has the nicest personality  and temperament.  We will send you some pictures this week."

Lisa, Washington 

Abasi & Naja (Full siblings from separate litters.)


 "We  were excited to hear about the new litter in September. We previously  purchased a puppy from you in October 2010 and he has been nothing but  joy. He has a great temperament, likes all people, dogs and even our  moody old cat. We get a lot of compliments on his good looks as well as  his sweet temperament. We are interested in getting a second Rhodesian  Ridgeback (red wheaten female) as a companion for him and would  appreciate to be informed when the new litter arrives.

I also wanted to tell you about a chance encounter we had in April 2011.  We went on a trip from California to Nevada and decided one afternoon  to take our dog Abasi to the dog park. He was having fun playing will  all types of dogs, when suddenly another Rhodesian Ridgeback dashed past  us and started playing with Abasi. We were surprised to meet his litter  mate and his owner again as we had last seen them at the airport in  Sacramento when they got shipped to us. It was interesting to see how  they had developed; we exchanged stories, noted similarities and gave  each other some useful hints in raising our puppies. Both of them were  hard at play for about 2 hours and you couldn't help but wonder if they  knew that they were siblings. Here I'm sending you a picture of this  "play date" and 2 current pictures of Abasi. We are looking forward to  hearing from you soon. Bye, Simone

(Second Update:)

 I just took this picture of Abasi and Naja today and I had to email it  to you since they are posing so perfectly. Naja is growing too fast and  she is copying everything Abasi does. She is a quick learner especially  with Abasi showing her the ropes. We are so glad and thankful that we  have them both. Thanks, Simone"

Simone, California 



 "Just  thought I would send you guys some pictures of Storm over the last year  (almost). He has been an excellent addition to our family. He is very a  thoughtful dog & is wonderful with our daughter. When we are  outside with her he stays close and circles back to wherever she is to  "check" on her. He is protective of her without being aggressive. When  he was a puppy he realized the first day that she was off limits for  chewing, rough housing, etc. He has already alerted us to 1 ear  infection and 1 sinus infection before she was really showing any  symptoms (she is nonverbal so it's sometimes hard to tell until she's  much sicker).

While we were at the vets for routine vaccinations, the vet brought us  into one of the rooms to meet a couple that had 3 ridgebacks, he  then  proceeded to show us the difference between good breeding (storm) and  their dogs. Although it was kind of embarrassing for everyone but the  vet, it was interesting to see the difference & I figured you would  like to know that someone who could truly appreciate your dogs was  impressed enough to do that. He has 5 great danes himself.

 The last picture is of Storm being very good while my husband and his  brothers butchered 3 deer. He initially went over to check out the deer  (and probably rip off a little snack), was told to back off, and just  sat there patiently watching for a couple hours. Not many dogs have that  much self control.

 So that brings us to today, it snowed earlier and now it's sleeting, and  he is having a little angst about the fact that he has to touch snow to  get out to the bathroom. I guess some dog boots are in order.

 Thanks for suggesting the perfect dog for us"  

Thank you to Storm's new family for providing this story to us who wish to remain anonymous.