What You Can Expect From Us and One of Our Puppies


  • Checked Negative for Dermoid Sinus and General Birth Defects
  • Current on Vaccinations for Their Age   
  • Wormed on a veterinarian recommended schedule for all worms as well as preventive treatment for coccidia, giardia, and fleas prior to being rehomed
  • American Kennel Club Limited Registration Paperwork (Full AKC breeding/show rights on case-by-case basis)
  • Signed Puppy Contract Agreement
  • 24-month Genetic Health Guarantee (covers hips, eyes, thyroid, & dermoid sinus)             
  • PDF Puppy Packet Sent Upon Deposit Receipt - A wealth of information about preparing for your new puppy
  • Lifetime support for any questions that arise in caring for your new family member

Healthcare, cleanliness, and early interaction are the most important parts of raising a healthy litter of puppies.

We allow our puppies to begin going to their new homes at 9-10 weeks of age (9 weeks when picked up locally, 10 weeks when shipped to you via the United Airlines Petsafe Program). The reason for this is so they have received their first two vaccinations before leaving us. These two vaccinations are crucial in building their immunity against communicable disease. This is also a  crucial time for the puppy to begin bonding with their  new families, other pets, and their new environment. They can be enrolled in a young  puppy class beginning around 12-14 weeks old and need to be introduced to new people and friendly animals once they have completed vaccinations for further socialization throughout their young adult life. 

We do NOT:

- Allow puppies to leave prior to 9 weeks old. Their 2nd vaccination is important for protection from parvo/distemper. We understand that not everyone does this, but we've NEVER had a puppy come down with any illness such as parvo when leaving here.

-Allow people outside the family to handle the puppies prior to their 2nd vaccination. Again, the health of the puppies is more important than "making a sale". Even so, they are usually spoken for before being old enough to leave.

-Own a kennel facility. We are not a "brick and mortar" business and do not allow people to tour our home or walk our acreage. We WILL meet with you locally in person before finalizing payment if you wish to see the puppy before finalizing remaining payment. To be eligible for a breeding license in Texas you have to have 11+ breeding females. Our dogs are not kenneled and we do not have a kennel facility.

More Information:

Dams receive all recommended veterinary care and are up to date on all wormings/parasite prevention/vaccinations prior to being bred. She is given prenatal vitamins beginning several weeks prior to breeding which are made for dogs and geared toward the development of the puppies. This includes Breeder's edge prenatal vitamins along with a boost of daily folic acid, which is important for aiding in the prevention of dermoid sinus as well as other preventable birth defects. (Dermoid Sinus is a finicky birth defect, but many believe folic acid may help lessen the occurrence.) 

Our puppies are born and raised 100% indoors. They are handled multiple times daily, exposed to family members, new toys, sounds, and safe, age appropriate activities. They are examined at birth for dermoid sinus and general birth defects. Preliminary socialization starts from when the puppies are a few days old and they adore human interaction from a very early age. They are started on the preliminaries of housebreaking by having their own specific area to relieve themselves which is cleaned constantly as needed. By the time they are 5 weeks old they almost never have "accidents" in other areas.

They receive wormings, vaccinations, and veterinary care as needed. We give vaccinations and wormings ourselves. Our veterinarian is available if something arises where we need to take a puppy in, however we believe in not exposing them to other potentially sick animals by taking them to the vet unless there is a reason.

Vaccinations: While in our care, puppies receive a combo DAPPv vaccination at 6 and 9 weeks of age for  Canine Distemper, Adenovirus type 1 & 2, Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus. If we have puppies when they are older, they will receive boosters at 12 weeks and 16 weeks. We administer the lepto vaccine no earlier than 12 weeks and rabies vaccine is administered by our veterinarian at 12 weeks.

Wormings: Puppies are treated on the recommended puppy deworming schedule for all puppies, with pyrantel pamoate at 2, 3, 4, and 6 weeks, and with Panacur C prior to leaving us (treats preventatively for hookworm, roundworm, whipworm, tapeworm, and off label for giardia). Puppies are also treated preventatively for coccidia prior to leaving. We do our best to make sure puppies go to new homes parasite free.

Size: Full grown at 2+ years of age, our males will typically range from 80-95lbs and our females from 65-85lbs. Size is not guaranteed, but they typically fall into the desired weight/height for AKC breed standard.

All puppies come with a 24-month genetic guarantee for hip dysplasia, dermoid sinus, eyes, & thyroid, along with a signed contract and AKC registration paperwork. 

Contact me any time with any questions that should arise.

Please also view our policies page before committing to adopt a puppy  from us.

What We Expect From Our Puppies' New Homes

- Upkeep of healthcare including vaccinations, wormings, and heartworm prevention. We recommend a fecal check at 12 weeks to check if worming needs to be completed again and starting heartworm prevention at 12 weeks or when your vet recommends.  Worming and keeping up to date on vaccinations will need to be done for the lifetime of the dog. The puppy/dog should be provided with shelter for when outdoors and always be provided with clean drinking water and a good quality diet. Puppy should not be left crated for an extended period and should be exercised every day.

- Continue housebreaking once in your home. Puppies will need to be taken to their potty spot when they wake up (even after naps), after eating/drinking, and every 2-3 hours at first. A crate can be utilized for this. Please see this article about crate training.

- Train your puppy in an age appropriate training class beginning at 12+ weeks (or on your own as long as the puppy is socialized with other dogs as well once fully vaccinated). Consider looking into some activities such as Canine Good Citizen, lure coursing, obedience, etc. At the very least your puppy should be leash trained, learn basic commands such as sit, stay, lay down, and come, and be socialized with other animals and people after their 3rd vaccination is completed. This helps facilitate a well-rounded and socialized adult dog.

- DO NOT allow your puppy access to vets office floors, communal potty areas at rest stops, parks, etc until at least a week after their 12-week puppy vaccination. These are hot spots for communicable disease.

- Socialize your puppy by taking them on everyday activities several times a week such as walking, hiking, jogging, and riding in the car once 3rd vaccination is completed.

-  Contact us for aid in finding the puppy a new home if you are unable to provide care in the future. We will either take the puppy back or work with you to  find a new home.

- A home with a yard is preferred although Ridgebacks do fine with apartment type living as long as they receive daily exercise and enough mental stimulation. If you do not have a yard, it  is even more important that your puppy receives exercise daily and you will need to understand about housebreaking a large breed puppy without an enclosed yard. (Since you should not allow your puppy on the grounds of communal potty areas until a full week after their 12 week vaccination you will have to make preparation for this such as using puppy pads until you can let your puppy down outside.)

Rhodesian  Ridgebacks are a unique breed and while they do well in many types of  homes and environments, they are not for the timid first-time owner or  those  who will let them get away with everything. They need consistent  training and positive reinforcement everyday to show their full  potential. Ridgebacks are  generally independent and free thinkers. This is something that needs to  be expected and accepted from the beginning. They do very well with  positive and  consistent training. 

Our first priority is to find all of our puppies loving forever homes.  Our puppies have gone to loving companion homes, show homes,  as trail riding companions, service dogs, therapy dogs, and have done  well in all of them. Whether you are active and are looking  for a jogging partner, have kids who need a loving and protective  friend, or live alone and just want a buddy dog, Ridgebacks do  well in many types of homes. We love finding great homes for our puppies!    

Please feel free to view everything on our website and contact us with questions. We always have a list of people who wish to be notified when our next litter arrives.      

Litter Schedule of Events

Birth ~

❤ Puppies are checked for general birth defects such as cleft palate  and anomalies such as dermoid sinus. ❤ Collar colors are assigned.   ❤ Umbilical stumps are cleaned every day.   ❤ Limited holding and handling of the puppies to let mom and babies settle in and so they can obtain maternal antibodies which will protect them for the first few weeks.   ❤ Observation of first signs of temperament, dominance, and energy level.   ❤ Litter registered via AKC.   

1 Week Old ~

❤ Puppies can be handled by us more each day individually. Umbilicals have fallen off,   ❤ Nails trimmed.   ❤ Characteristics are noted such as white markings, size, coloring, first personality traits, and early signs of energy levels and dominance.   ❤ First photos are taken and photos and information are uploaded to our website.   ❤ Announcement email sent out notifying everyone of the litter  information. Begin taking deposits on specific puppies to hold them  until they are ready to leave.   

2 Weeks Old ~

❤ First worming completed   ❤ Nails trimmed.   ❤ Eyes and ears are opening and puppies are scooting around more. ❤ Updates sent out to the puppy families.   

3 Weeks Old ~

❤ Another worming completed,   ❤ Nails trimmed.   ❤ Eyes and ears are open completely.   ❤ Teeth are coming in.   ❤ First taste of mushy, milky food.   ❤ Puppies toddle around clumsily.   ❤ Second photos taken and sent to puppy families with updates.   ❤ Photos uploaded to website. Any new personality traits, dominance, energy levels noted, website updated.   

4 Weeks Old ~

❤ 3rd worming completed,   ❤ Nails trimmed.   ❤ Teeth fully in, more mushy, milky food added to diet.   ❤ Mom starts spending more time laying away from puppies, giving them time to play some together. Weaning starts naturally.   ❤ Puppies crawl into our laps when we sit with them and start following us, toddle around well now.   ❤ Send updates to puppy families.   

5 Weeks Old ~

❤ No worming this week.   ❤ Nails trimmed,   ❤ Continue mushy food.   ❤ Playing roughly together now, more independent.   ❤ 3rd round of photos taken, harder to get photos now that they are very active. Wiggly, love people, can't sit still.   ❤ Send new photos and updates to puppy families.   ❤ Photos and information updated on website. 


6 Weeks Old ~

❤ First vaccination completed  ❤ 4th worming completed.   ❤ Love people, follow us around, run & play, loves toys. Play-fight very rough & tumble. Loves food.   ❤ Updates sent to puppy families.   

7 Weeks Old ~

❤ Begin scheduling pickups and flights.   ❤ Out of state families' blankets mailed.   ❤ Final photos sent to families.   ❤ Out of state final payments completed/finalized.   

8 Weeks Old ~

❤ Final worming in preparation for leaving for new homes completed.   ❤ Grind nails.  ❤ Vaccination schedules, health record/feeding sheet, contracts printed.   ❤ AKC paperwork completed, signed.    

9 Weeks Old ~

❤ 9 week vaccination completed.  ❤ Puppies can begin leaving for new homes locally at 9 weeks.

10 Weeks Old ~

❤ Puppies can begin leaving for new homes via the airline at 10 weeks.