Re-homing to Local Homes: 

☆ Puppies who will be picked up from us in person can begin leaving us at 9 weeks. (The first available re-home date is usually 3 days after their 9 week vaccination is administered). After discussing this with our veterinarian, we feel it is in their best interest to receive their first two vaccinations (at 6 weeks & 9 weeks) prior to being transferred to their new homes. This allows their immunity more time to develop against communicable disease and is also a better time frame to be removed from mom, litter mates, and their familiar environment.

Shipping via the Airline:

☆ Puppies will not be shipped younger than 10 weeks of age. They receive two vaccination rounds (at 6 wks & 9 wks) and  a vet-check with health clearance for the flight prior to being shipped. And, simply put, they handle the flights better at this age.

We have had a few ask about sedation during the flights to make it "easier" on the puppy. Puppies will not be sedated during flights. This is potentially harmful to them at a young age and especially during flight. The  airline also  has a "no sedation policy"and will not fly dogs/puppies who have been  sedated. This includes calming aids. 

Please allow us to initiate the flight scheduling with the airline. It is quite different than scheduling a human flight and we are what you would call "experts" in dealing with the airline since we have shipped many puppies over the years. As soon as we receive the detailed information on your puppy's flight we will issue you a detailed flight information pdf complete with flight confirmation numbers so you can also see the flight details directly through the airline or even call them for confirmation. We have never had any problems with the PetSafe program and have been shipping puppies for over 10 years.  

Visiting & Meeting the Puppies:

We understand the difficult decision in choosing a puppy sight unseen. We have also had to make this decision when importing our dogs from other places too far to drive to. While we would love the ideal circumstance of being able to let you come play with all the puppies and meet you straight away, this is unfortunately not possible with young, unvaccinated puppies. We receive literally dozens of inquiries on the puppies from the time we announce a litter, and it is not safe to let everyone come handle them, play with them, and let that many individuals into our home. For this reason please note that we do not schedule meetings with the puppies or allow anyone  outside of the family to handle the puppies until  they are vaccinated and over 9 weeks old. This is for the health and  safety of the babies. Communicable diseases in dogs are on the rise and it is a potential risk to our puppies' health. You also know that no one  other than us has been handling your puppy either. We work tirelessly to  maintain a meticulously clean and safe environment for them  which is a 24/7 job. What we have done to remedy this is take many many photos of every puppy in each litter so we can send them to prospective homes. We are able to answer questions on personality traits, markings, etc. more efficiently than someone  just dropping by to look at all of them for an hour or two since we handle them for hours every day. Please allow us to help you make the decision on which puppy is the best for your particular circumstances, this is our goal for every puppy we place.

We no longer accept visitors directly to our home as we are not a commercial breeder and do not own a kennel facility.  We have had problems in the past with people coming to the house when we're not home and  unfortunately have had to change our policies regarding pickup and visiting. When we started this with our dogs we underestimated the interest we would receive on our dogs and puppies and we are just not equipped to handle the volume of people we receive interest from. We will meet locally with you to pick up  your puppy once the puppies are ready to leave. Before this they can be chosen from the photos placed here on the website and  information given on each individual puppy. We've never had anyone dissatisfied with their choice of puppy by choosing  from the photos and detailed information we provide. A few puppies in each litter always go to past adopters as well  and 99% of the time all of the puppies in a litter are reserved by deposits before they are even old enough to leave. 

General Information:

All puppies leave us up to date on vaccinations and wormings for  their age which includes a broad spectrum wormer (and heartworm  prevention  if over 12 weeks old). 

Every puppy comes with AKC Limited Registration paperwork. (Full  Registration for puppies that go to show/breeding homes is an  additional fee.) They also come with a vaccination/worming schedule,  current feeding information, final recommendations, puppy contract agreement with 24-month  genetic  health guarantee (hips, eyes, thyroid & dermoid sinus), and lifetime help with any questions that arise when owning a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

☆ There are no refunds on deposits unless the puppy becomes unavailable to you due to an unforeseen circumstance on our end. 

 Our goal is to provide every puppy with a loving forever home and to provide the new family with a loving forever family member for years to come. If any circumstance should arise where you are unable to care for your puppy, we hope that you will contact us in helping you to find them a new home. The commitment you make when you adopt a puppy is a commitment for the life of the dog, and we do not "buy puppies back" from their forever families. However, if you are unable to care for your puppy at ANY point in the dog’s life, please allow us to help you find a new home for your puppy.

For deposits we accept PayPal and also money orders or cashier's  checks sent to our mailing address. We are no longer able to accept personal or business checks for any part of the transaction. For final payments made in person you are welcomed to bring cash. Cash is the only payment method we accept for final payments made in person at the time  of pickup of the puppy. We cannot accept PayPal or any payment  method other than cash for final payments made in person. 

☆ We do not sell to commercial breeders or those who buy and sell animals for resale such as large-scale breeders, pet shops etc. 

We take individual photos of every puppy the first or second week then at 3, 5, & 7 weeks of age to keep all informed of their  growth and progress  and also send weekly milestone updates directly to their individual families. 

If you need us to hold a puppy past 10 weeks of age a fee of  $10 a day will be charged starting from when they turn 11 weeks old. We hold them at no charge through the 10th week.

We reserve the right to hold a puppy longer for any reason  if we feel it is in the puppies’ best interest. If we make the decision that a puppy  should be  held longer for any reason, no further charges will be incurred to the  adopting family.  

Skye at approx. 5 years of age.

Skye at approx. 5 years of age.