Legacy's Warrior Child


The name Suri means "red rose" in Persian and "princess" in Hebrew. Suri is a third generation Legacy dog, the granddaughter of our foundation dogs, and the daughter of Gideon and Sydney. We have owned and raised all of her parents/grandparents. Her bloodlines contain American/African/European imports and a long line of show dogs. She has a darker red wheaten coat. She is very sweet, intelligent, loving, and gets along well with everyone she meets.

Suri's first litter is planned for 2020.

Sex: Female

DOB: March 2018
Weight: 70lbs
Height: 25"
Color: Red Wheaten, Black Nose    
Immediate Bloodlines: American, African, European
Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear (n/n)  

Legacy's G'day for Adventure


Sydney is a second generation  Legacy dog, the daughter of our own Eden and Toby. I had the pleasure of raising her  from birth and seeing her wonderful temperament develop. She is  the sweetest and loves to please us. She has been going  on hiking trips with me since she was 4 months old and loves to  explore new places and ride along in the car. She is an extremely intelligent  girl and I can't imagine not having her as a part of the pack. Sydney  has a strong African line inherited from Toby including dogs from a  notable kennel in South Africa. (See Pedigree link below) From Eden she gained a long  line of Champions and show prospects from well-known American show  lines. 

Sex: Female

DOB: March 17, 2015

Weight: 85lbs    

Height: 25"    

Color: Red Wheaten, Black Nose    

Immediate Bloodlines: African and American

OFA Degenerative Myelopathy - Clear n/n 

Danntrig Tobias Secret Agent Man


Toby was our Christmas present,  born on Christmas day in 2011. He is an intelligent, protective, and  sweet boy. He loves following us around and has a tender-hearted  personality. He is responsive to the most gentle  of voice commands and always tries  to do what he thinks we want. He is protective of us and our home and  will not let a stranger near the front door until he knows they are  supposed  to be there. He loves hunting and will  go after squirrels, moles, opossums, and any other small animal that has  the ill-fate of finding it's way onto the property. He has a  very strong prey instinct. He is, however, good with cats since he was  raised with them. This is a good example of how Ridgebacks are able to  adjust  to their individual homes! Toby also  loves to play in water. He is a direct descendant of one of the older  kennels in South Africa. His African heritage shows in his deep red  color and stocky bone structure.  He produces puppies that are a deep red.    

Sex: Male

DOB: 12/25/2011  
Weight: 95lbs  
Color: Red Wheaten, Black Nose  
Immediate Bloodlines: African, American   

OFA Hips - Good
(prelim testing done through OFA x-rays in accordance with breeder contract - see certificate below)

Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear (n/n) 

Shomari's Legacy of a Warrior


Gideon is a second generation  Legacy dog. He is Gibson x Skye's puppy and is constantly entertaining  us with his humorous personality. He is very athletic,  lean, and fast and can jump higher and farther at a running start than any of our other dogs. He gets along with everyone and every dog he's ever met. He loves  people and small  children and will go out of his way to be near you. When he wants  attention he'll come up to you and place his head on your knee to get a head scratch. He is a very  clean dog and does not like playing in the mud or water. He snubs his  nose  at puddles and will always go back to his water bowl for a drink. He has  Gibson and Skye's combined bloodlines which include African, American,  and European  imports and over 60 champions in his immediate pedigree.  

Sex: Male

DOB: 4/2012  
Weight: 85lbs  
Height: 26"  
Color: Red Wheaten, Liver Nose  
Immediate Bloodlines: African, American, European

 OFA Degenerative Myelopathy - Carrier (a/n, not affected) 

Legacy's Lion Tamer


Saba is a gorgeous boy with an African import father. He has a wonderful family oriented temperament that we strive to see in all of our dogs and puppies. He loves all the adventures we take him on and is a real love bug. He is a gentle giant with a large, blocky head and, at 85lbs not reaching 2 years yet, he still has some filling out to do. 

Weight: 85lbs

Height: 27"

Color: Red Wheaten, Black Nose    

Immediate Bloodlines: American, African

Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear, no copies of the gene (n/n)

Pedigree coming soon!