Puppy Questionnaire

Other Things to Consider Before Adopting a Puppy

Ridgebacks do well in all types of homes and environments; our main concern is finding our puppies loving forever homes with individuals or families that will give them the attention and training necessary to raise a healthy dog. 

  • Are all of your family members in agreement on the purchase of a  dog? Do your current life circumstances have the possibility of changing  drastically in a short  amount of time (such as with a pregnancy, marriage, etc.)? This is a  commitment for the lifetime of the dog, not just for a puppy. This  commitment can last for  10+ years. 
  • Have you considered the expense of owning a large breed dog or a  dog in general? The food, vet visits, toys, equipment such as crate,  bed, collar, etc can  easily add up. The initial purchase price for the dog can be small  compared to yearly costs of ownership. 
  • Ridgebacks are great with kids and are generally very  protective of them. However, they grow so fast that they can  unintentionally knock over a small child  when attempting to play. If you have small children have you considered  this? 
  • Puppies should not be allowed into areas such as communal  potty areas/road stops, vet office floors, dog parks, etc. until they  have completed their puppy  vaccinations. This has the potential to cause problems with  individuals such as those who leave the puppy unattended for most of the  day, or those who  live in apartments, townhouses, or condos. Have you considered this? 
  • Puppies are unable to hold their bladder for more than their  age in months plus one. Which means an 8 week old puppy may only be able  to "hold it" for about  3 hours. This means if the puppy is indoors or crated overnight you will  need to either provide a potty spot or take them out overnight/during  the day. Young  puppies should not be crated for extended periods. Are you aware of  this? 
  • Consider potential behavioral problems and how you will deal  with them such as chewing, digging, jumping, barking, etc. No dog is  perfect and will need  consistent training from the start.