Savannah's African Skye

Skye is retired from breeding as of 2013.

Skye  is my sweetheart and the best trained dog we've ever had. She mothers  everyone and is happy to lay  quietly by and take in everything around her. She loves riding in the  car and going on out of town trips with me. She has a wise nature about  her and is very  patient and loving with her people and a bit standoffish towards  strangers until she knows they  are ok. She is dignified and graceful and has been a joy to have. She  has a high prey drive and loves hunting with Toby.  She is retired from breeding and will now be solely a companion dog. Skye's bloodline has dogs from Africa and Europe with over 30  champions and a long line of show dogs.  

DOB: April 2007   

Weight: 85lbs   

Height: 25"   

Color: Red Wheaten, Black Mask  

Immediate Bloodlines: African, American, European

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Brondiki's Paradise of Eden

Eden is retired from breeding as of 2018.

Eden is a loving girl who wants to  please. She has been full of energy since the day we brought her home from North Carolina and she just loves attention. She also loves cuddling and is very sweet with everyone. She  is protective of us and the home and will give an alert bark if she senses  something off. She is the perpetual love bug and play companion.  She has a feminine look while still maintaining the structure and deep  red color  characteristic of the African bloodlines. She is a big girl at 90lbs and  27" and has 18 AKC champions in her immediate 5 generation pedigree.    

DOB: 3/20/2011
Weight: 90lbs
Height: 27"
Immediate Bloodlines: American
Color: Red Wheaten, Black Nose

OFA Hips - Good (Prelim evaluation prior to 12 months old as per breeder contract)
OFA Degenerative Myelopathy - a/n (carrier of one copy of gene)

Loving Memory

Shomari's Gibson Sunburst

Gibson  was my baby and closest companion dog. He loved going everywhere with  us and absolutely adored children.  He was a favorite everywhere we took him and was loved by everyone who  ever had the pleasure of meeting him. He had a strong African bloodline  with top show  dogs and several imports. His temperament and protective instinct were  perfect and he was simply the best dog we've ever had.  We lost him in a heartbreaking accident and, although we did not have  enough time with him, his legacy lives on  through his progeny. He is the reason we chose the name "Legacy". Rest in peace sweetheart, we'll always miss you.