Shomari's Legacy of a Warrior


Gideon is a second generation  Legacy dog. He is Gibson x Skye's puppy and is constantly entertaining  us with his humorous personality. He is very athletic,  lean, and fast and can jump higher and farther at a running start than any of our other dogs. He gets along with everyone and every dog he's ever met. He loves  people and small  children and will go out of his way to be near you. When he wants  attention he'll come up to you and place his head on your knee to get a head scratch. He is a very  clean dog and does not like playing in the mud or water. He snubs his  nose  at puddles and will always go back to his water bowl for a drink. He has  Gibson and Skye's combined bloodlines which include African, American,  and European  imports and over 60 champions in his immediate pedigree.  

DOB: 4/2012  
Weight: 85lbs  
Color: Red Wheaten, Liver Nose  
Immediate Bloodlines: African, American, European   

Gideon's Pedigree