General Information About Our Puppies

Rhodesian  Ridgebacks are a unique breed and while they do well in all types of  homes and environments, they are not for the timid first-time owner or  those  who will let them get away with everything. They need consistent  training and positive reinforcement everyday to show their full  potential. Ridgebacks are  generally independent and free thinkers. This is something that needs to  be expected and accepted from the beginning. They do very well with  positive and  consistent training. 


Our first priority is to find all of our puppies loving forever homes.  Our puppies have gone to loving companion homes, show homes,  as trail riding companions, service dogs, therapy dogs, and have done  well in all of them. Whether you are active and are looking  for a jogging partner, have kids who need a loving and protective  friend, or live alone and just want a buddy dog, Ridgebacks do  well in all types of homes. We love finding great homes for our puppies!    

All of the puppies are born inside our home and raised exclusively  indoors so we are able to create a safe and relaxed environment  for the mother and puppies.

Below is our own general schedule for the puppies' milestones.

Birth -  
❤ Puppies are checked for general birth defects such as cleft palate  and anomalies such as dermoid sinus. Anything out of place is noted.  
❤ Collar colors are assigned.  
❤ Umbilical stumps are cleaned every day.  
❤ Limited holding and handling of the puppies to let mom and babies  settle in and so they can obtain maternal antibodies which will protect  them for the first few weeks.  
❤ Observation of first signs of temperament, dominance, and energy level.  
❤ Litter registered via AKC.

1 Week Old -  
❤ Puppies can be handled by us more each day individually. Umbilicals have fallen off,  
❤ Nails trimmed.  
❤ Characteristics are noted such as white markings, size, coloring,  first personality traits, and early signs of energy levels and  dominance.  
❤ First photos are taken and photos and information are uploaded to our website.  
❤ Announcement email sent out notifying everyone of the litter  information. Begin taking deposits on specific puppies to hold them  until they are ready to leave.

2 Weeks Old -  
❤ First worming completed,  
❤ Nails trimmed.  
❤ Eyes and ears are opening and puppies are scooting around more.  
❤ Updates sent out to the puppy families.

3 Weeks Old -  
❤ Another worming completed,  
❤ Nails trimmed.  
❤ Eyes and ears are open completely.  
❤ Teeth are coming in.  
❤ First taste of mushy, milky food.  
❤ Puppies toddle around clumsily.  
❤ Second photos taken and sent to puppy families with updates.  
❤ Photos uploaded to website. Any new personality traits, dominance, energy levels noted, website updated.

4 Weeks Old -  
❤ 3rd worming completed,  
❤ Nails trimmed.  
❤ Teeth fully in, more mushy, milky food added to diet.  
❤ Mom starts spending more time laying away from puppies, giving them time to play some together.  Weaning starts naturally.  
❤ Puppies crawl into our laps when we sit with them and start following us, toddle around well now.  
❤ Send updates to puppy families.

5 Weeks Old -  
❤ No worming this week.  
❤ Nails trimmed,  
❤ Continue mushy food.  
❤ Playing roughly together now, more independent.  
❤ 3rd round of photos taken, harder to get photos now that they are very active. Wiggly, love people, can't sit still.  
❤ Send new photos and updates to puppy families.  
❤ Photos and information updated on website.

6 Weeks Old -  
❤ First vaccination completed
❤ 4th worming completed.  
❤ Love people, follow us around, run & play, loves toys. Play-fight very rough & tumble. Loves food.  
❤ Updates sent to puppy families.

7 Weeks Old -  
❤ Begin scheduling pickups and flights.  
❤ Out of state families' blankets mailed.  
❤ Final photos sent to families.  
❤ Out of state final payments completed/finalized.

8 Weeks Old -  
❤ Fecal check performed by veterinarian.  
❤ Final worming in preparation for leaving for new homes completed.  
❤ Grind nails.
❤ Vaccination schedules, health record/feeding sheet, contracts printed.  
❤ AKC paperwork completed, signed.  

9 Weeks Old -  
❤ 9 week vaccination completed.
❤ Puppies can begin leaving for new homes at 9-10 weeks.   

We allow our puppies to begin going to their new homes at 9-10 weeks of age. The reason  for this is so we are sure they have received their first two vaccinations before leaving us.  These two vaccinations are crucial in building their immunity against  communicable disease.  

This is also a crucial time for the puppy to begin bonding with their  new families, other pets, and their new environment. They can be  enrolled in a young puppy class starting at around 12-14 weeks old and  need to be exposed to new  people and friendly animals once they have completed all rounds of vaccinations for further socialization throughout their young adult life.

Please feel free to view everything on our website and contact us with  questions. We always have a list of people who wish to be notified when  our next litter arrives.      

One of our newborn litters being cuddled by mama.

One of our newborn litters being cuddled by mama.