Toby was our Christmas present, born on Christmas day in 2011. He is an intelligent, protective, and sweet boy. He loves following us around and has a tender-hearted personality. He is responsive to the most gentle of voice commands and always tries to do what he thinks we want. He is protective of us and our home and will not let a stranger near the front door until he knows they are supposed to be there. He loves hunting and will go after squirrels, moles, opossums, and any other small animal that has the ill-fate of finding it's way onto the property. He has a very strong prey instinct. He is, however, good with cats since he was raised with them. This is a good example of how Ridgebacks are able to adjust to their individual homes! Toby also loves to play in water. He is a direct descendant of one of the older kennels in South Africa. His African heritage shows in his deep red color and stocky bone structure. He produces puppies that are a deep red.

DOB: 12/25/2011
Weight: 95lbs
Color: Red Wheaten, Black Nose
Immediate Bloodlines: African, American

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