*Skye is retired from breeding as of the end of 2013.*

Skye is my sweetheart and the best trained dog we've ever had. She mothers everyone and is happy to lay quietly by and take in everything around her. She loves riding in the car and going on out of town trips with me. She has a wise nature about her and is very patient and loving with her people and a bit standoffish towards strangers until she knows they are ok. She is dignified and graceful and has been a joy to have. She has a high prey drive and loves hunting with Toby. She is retired from breeding in and will be solely a companion dog from now on. Skye's bloodline has dogs from Africa and Europe with over 30 champions and a long line of show dogs.

DOB: April 2007
Weight: 85lbs
Color: Red Wheaten, Black Mask
Immediate Bloodlines: African, American, European

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