Dermoid Sinus

"Dermoid sinuses are congenital abnormalities (present from birth) that consist of hollow tubular indentations of the skin that penetrate down into the tissue below. They create problems because they are prone to infections. They occur along the dorsal midline (centre of the back of the dog. The depth these penetrate into the tissue below varies between individuals. The type that pose the greatest (life-threatening) risk are those, called category IV sinuses, which connect with the spinal cord and risk infections of this delicate nervous tissue." Taken from the Universities Federation for Animal Wellfare

The dermoid sinus is generally something that is associated with the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed although some rare instances of this condition have been noted in other breeds. The dermoid sinus is present in an average of 5% of all Ridgebacks. This can be more or less in some bloodlines, but this is the average. A puppy born with a dermoid is not fit for breeding under any circumstances due to the possible genetic occurence of the condition. Surgery can correct the problem if the dermoid is only present in the above-lying ligament, but if the dermoid sinus penetrates to the spinal cord there is no guarantee the dog will not acquire an infection at a later date.

All of our puppies are checked routinely for dermoid sinus. While it is present at birth, some are so small they are not noticed until the puppy is a few weeks old. Our puppies come with a 12-month guarantee against dermoid sinus in addition to being vet-checked for the condition.

This advice is given solely as a means of educating individuals; all vaccinations, heartworm prevention, and general medicine should be discussed with a licensed Veterinarian before administering.