If you wish to give a forever home to one of our puppies, the first step is to fill out the puppy questionnaire, then for us to discuss your particular interest in the breed and to answer any questions you may have. This generally takes place through email so we have it for our records. Once we have discussed what you are looking for in a puppy and if you wish to place a deposit on a current litter, you will be asked to look over the deposit information below.

Please view our policies page before commiting to adopt a puppy from us.

Deposit Information:

$500, applied toward the purchase price of an individual puppy, will be paid as a deposit to guarantee the puppy will be held for you until we designate the puppy is ready to be re-homed (generally 9 weeks of age going to local homes and 10 weeks if shipped to you via the airline). We do not hold puppies for individuals without deposits being placed. Inquiries come in at various times and a puppy that is available one day could be spoken for the same or next day.

We begin taking deposits when the puppies are a week or two old and once we have taken photos of them to upload to our website. We typically take photos on the birth week, then at 3, 5, and 7 weeks of age and also provide weekly milestone updates via email as they grow. Puppies can generally start going to new homes at 9 weeks of age (10 weeks if shipped). The exact transfer dates will be determined by us as the breeder. The health and safety of the puppies is our first priority.

PAYMENT METHODS For deposits we accept all payment forms accepted through PayPal (credit card, bank transfer, etc.) as well as cashier's checks and money orders sent to our mailing address with USPS signature or delivery confirmation. We are no longer able to take personal or business checks for any part of the transaction due to the time it takes them to clear and unfortunate past issues with fraudulent checks. If the deposit is mailed we will hold your choice of puppy while the deposit is in transit when tracking is provided.

FINAL PAYMENT The balance remaining may be paid by cash in person at the time of pickup in person, or via PayPal, cashier's check, or money order prior to pickup or the shipping date. Please note that it may take up to 3 business days for a PayPal payment to clear and you will not be able to take your puppy home until it goes through. Cash is the only payment form we accept for final payment made in person. All payments must clear before the puppy is transferred to the buyer, including any necessary shipping and/or holding fees.


--There are no refunds on deposits unless the transaction is voided on our end or the puppy becomes unavailable due to an unforseen circumstance. This deposit signifies the intent on the part of the Buyer to complete purchase of the puppy and should be thoughtfully considered beforehand. This is a dedication for the lifetime of the dog and is a big commitment which we do not wish anyone to rush into. If circumstances arise where the Buyer is unable to complete purchase or decides not to complete purchase for any reason, the deposit amount may be transferred to our next available litter only (regardless of parentage), but no refund will be issued.

--The puppy is not owned by the Buyer until payment is completed in full, the purchase agreement contract has been signed, and the puppy is physically transferred to the Buyer. Until this is completed, the Seller reserves the right to void this transaction for any reason at any time.

--We strive to provide loving forever homes to every puppy we produce and by adopting a puppy from us you are making a commitment for the lifetime of the puppy. If unfortunate circumstances arise where you are unable to care for your puppy or choose to find your puppy a new home, we hope you will contact us in assisting with new placement. However, we do not "buy puppies back" from their forever homes. The deposit and purchase of a puppy signifies an agreement that you will care for the puppy for the extent of their life and is a big commitment that should be considered before bringing them home.

--We gladly hold puppies longer if we are requested to do so. Beginning the day the puppies turn 11 weeks old, a charge of $10 a day will be added to the balance owed for vaccinations, food, and boarding. We do feel it is in the best interest of the puppy to be in their new homes once they are ready to leave because they need the bonding and socializing of their forever home.

--We reserve the right to hold a puppy longer for any reason if we feel it is in the puppy's best interest. If we decide a puppy should be held longer, no further charges will be incurred.

We raise our dogs and puppies out of our home and are not a kennel facility. We do not allow visitors to our home any longer due to the spread of canine communicable disease. This litter will be picked up locally (unless shipped) when ready to go to new homes.

REGISTRATION & PUPPY QUALITIES DEFINED Puppy prices may differ due to parentage, markings, size, etc. or whether full registration is purchased. All of our puppies come with American Kennel Club registration papers provided upon transfer of the puppy to the new owner. The registration papers can be filled out by the new owner either on the AKC website or mailed in to the AKC to finalize registration.

With AKC Limited Registration, dogs are eligible to compete in all AKC sponsored events such as Obedience, Tracking, Field Trials, Hunting Tests, Lure Coursing, Agility, Earthdog, etc. but they cannot be bred or shown in an AKC conformation dog show. When they are registered under your name you still receive a pedigree and all other information pertaining to their breed. There is more information on the AKC website about Limited Registration here: Registration Information.

--Puppies sold with limited registration may or may not have minor cosmetic flaws that conflict with the breed standard. This may include white on neck, or above joints on paws, incorrect ridge such as 1 or 3 whorls, higher number of black hairs in coat, or other minor flaws that do NOT have an impact on health. All companion puppies have ridges. If we have a ridgeless puppy, they will be available at a reduced price to the companion puppies.

All of our puppies are sold as companions, meaning we do not guarantee a fitness to be shown/bred at a later date, but with AKC Full Registration you have the Limited Registration benefits plus you can choose to show them in AKC sponsored conformation dog shows and you have full control over breeding rights. It may be available to established breeders or those who can verify they have done the proper research to be considered.

--Show potential puppies have attributes that would potentially allow them to compete in AKC sponsored dog shows or to be bred according to AKC rules.