Gideon X Sydney
Litter Born November 1, 2018

Born November 1, 2018
3 males, 5 females

First expected local rehome date: Saturday, January 5th
First expected rehome date for delivery via airline: Saturday, January 12th

Puppy prices for this litter:
Limited Registration (pet home) - $2200
Full Registration (option of showing/breeding) - $2800
Full Registration is available on a case by case basis.

8.25% Sales Tax Applies to Puppies Sold to Texas.

Puppy photos are below information.

This litter is gorgeous; all are ridged, clear of dermoid sinus, and are ready to have deposits placed. This is a third generation litter; we have owned/raised all the parents and grandparents. Puppies from this bloodline have gone to working homes (such as ranch dogs), show homes, companion homes, and therapy dog homes and have done well in all. All of the puppies are expected to be within AKC breed standard weight/height or just above when full-grown. Any of the puppies in the litter will make good family/companion dogs. All of our puppies are always very affectionate and people oriented.

All are checked negative for dermoid sinus at birth and prior to leaving for new homes. They come with first and second vaccination rounds, wormed, and treated with broad spectrum parasite prevention prior to leaving us. All come with American Kennel Club registration papers, contract agreement with 24-month genetic guarantee against hip dysplasia, dermoid sinus, eyes, and thyroid and a PDF puppy packet sent upon deposit receipt. All puppies are handled and spoiled from birth to give them good starts in their new homes.

When you are considering adding a new puppy to your family, you should think ahead and consider any other events that may impact your choice such as moving, pregnancy, other life events, and if you have the time required to put into a new puppy/dog. This is a commitment that should last the lifetime of the dog. The initial cost of adopting a puppy will be small compared to the lifetime ownership costs. Please consider this beforehand.

Further Information:
Photos of each puppy are below; I have many more photos of each individual puppy available upon request. The puppies are identified by names and collar colors to aid in record keeping. Their names can be changed to whatever their new home wishes once they leave.

Dark hairs in coat are more common on darker faced puppies with darker red coats and will blend into the coat as they grow and develop. There are a good number of beautiful black masks in this litter. Lighter faced puppies will have less black hairs in the coat from the beginning and coats will tend to even out more quickly. Most puppies will fall into the medium energy level, some into medium-high. A higher energy dog will do well with an active home or family such as hiking, jogging, going on regular walks, etc. Medium energy levels do well in active homes as well, and also with less active ones or where less energy level is desired, such as therapy dog work. Any Ridgeback will need consistent training and positive reinforcement to curb unwanted behaviors, but some are automatically more geared towards certain homes. We can generally tell a lot about a puppy's energy level and dominance from birth just from daily interaction and observation. Please note that a puppy's weight, energy level, coloring, etc. do fluctuate as they grow, but we can tell much from the beginning from spending hours every day with them.

We have previously done therapy dog testing on puppies when they get a few weeks older. If you are looking for a therapy dog I will be happy to discuss this with you further. It is amazing how closely the test results come to our own observations of personality and dominance.

The first step in reserving a puppy is to fill out the puppy questionnaire at your convenience. If you are interested in reserving a puppy from this litter, please feel free to view our Deposit Page for more information on reserving a puppy.


Female 1 - Available

Collar Color: Mint
Price: $2200 (AKC Limited Registration)
Available with show/breeding rights?: Yes
White Markings: Chest and some toes. Small white dot on tummy.
Notes: Large girl with darker face, very nice ridge. Medium energy level.

Female 2 - Available

Collar Color: Purple
Price: $2200 (AKC Limited Registration)
Available with show/breeding rights?: Yes
White Markings: Chest, some toes.
Notes: Another large girl with very nice ridge. One of the puppies with a little lighter face , already has a nice, even coat color. Medium energy level.

Female 3 - Reserved

Female 4 - Reserved

Female 5 - Available

Collar Color: Green
Price: $2200 (AKC Limited Registration)
Available with show/breeding rights?: Yes
White Markings: Small amount on chest/toes.
Notes: Nice ridge, very dark mask. Medium energy level. This girl is so sweet! She is the darkest of the females and loves being cuddled. This sweetness is perfect for a family or individual companion dog.


Male 1 - Available

Collar Color: Grey
Price: $2200 (AKC Limited Registration)
Available with show/breeding rights?: Yes
White Markings: Chest/toes, spot on tummy.
Notes: Nice ridge, black mask. Medium energy level. Hank has a mid-range energy level; he has a lot of spunk and a lot of personality, but settles when held. He is always the first to "explore" the whelping area. He is the largest puppy as of birth to now and will make a good family companion or working dog.

Male 2 - Reserved by Deposit

Male 3 - Reserved