About Us

After losing our boy Gibson we decided to begin naming our dogs with a "Legacy" prefix in honor of his memory.

We are located just north of Houston Texas and have been involved in breeding/raising Rhodesian Ridgebacks for 12 years. We believe in socialization and obedience training and have found those two go hand in hand in shaping how your dog develops.

Our dogs are raised on our acreage outdoors and in our home indoors and receive exercise and individual training on a daily basis. They love to spend time running and playing together on the 1 acre field we have on our acreage. There they love to hunt for moles, play, wrestle, and run together. They each have their own defined personality and each has been a joy to be a part of our family. They each get one on one time with us which includes leash walking and training on and off leash.

We did months of research on reproductive health, genealogy, and breed specific traits prior to deciding on our first breeding. In doing so, we have been able to aid in producing some astounding dogs. These dogs have been a huge part of our lives for a decade.

We do not allow visitors directly to our home as we are not a kennel or commercial breeder and are constantly receiving inquiries. Please see our policy page for more information.